About me

I’m Tasha Ann, I’m 18 years old. Somewhere in the world. Aspiring Hairstylist. Bisexual. Pierced. Huge horror movie fan. I love everything about the 40s, 50s, 60s and 70s. I’m always traveling, I can’t just stay in one place. Queen of baking. I love all types of books, music & poetry. Mommy to 3 cats & a boxer ♥ Sweet as sugar, you should talk to me sometime. 

My Other Interests: Body Modification, The Female Body, Dark Hair, Pale skin, Red lips, Lingerie, Cigarettes, Classic Pin-Ups, Rock & Roll, Los Angeles, Rob Zombie, Big Hair, Universal Monsters, Killer heels, Bondage, DDLG, Motley Crue, The Munsters, False eyelashes, Zombies, Cats, Disney, Vodka, Roses, Romance, Horror & Gore, Lace, Serial Killers, Cupcakes, Bubble Baths, Nudity, Playboy, Early Mornings, Porn, Leather & Stockings, Painted Nails, Writing & Poetry, Good Music, Good Friends, Good Times.

I’m also big fans of Bettie PageRita Hayworth, Diana Dors, Betty Grable, Judy Garland, Paul Newman, Clara Bow, Marilyn Monroe, Dita Von Teese, Clark Gable, James Dean, and Elizabeth Taylor.

My music taste is all over the place, but some of my favorite bands and singers are The Runaways, The Misfits, Joan Jett, Lana Del Rey, Minor Threat, Sonic Youth, David Bowie, Rolling Stones, Fleetwood Mac, The Beatles, Janis Joplin, Bob Dylan, Suzi Quatro, Johnny Cash, Connie Francis, The Who, Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers, The Doors, Patti Smith, Pink Floyd, Van Halen, Beastie Boys, The Smiths, Blue Oyster Cult, Led Zeppelin, The Mamas & The Papas, Kiss, Simon & Garfunkel, Linda Ronstadt.


Strawberry On Top Of Cupcake